Who We Dance For

Country KickUp’s Vision Statement
We are a fundraising platform: focused on providing awareness and support for charitable causes in the community around us, through teaching country Swing and Line dancing. All the while, building up personal skills, community, & connections for any and all who attend.

Our admission costs go to charity from our charity events

A few of the charities we have sponsored 👇

The Avery Center

Sex Trafficking Research & Resources for Survivors

Harvest Farms

Whimspire Foster Care

Healing Warriors

NOCO Fire Response

Toys for Tots


Hooves on the Horizon

Kristi Dillehay leads a nonprofit known as Hooves on the Horizon. Hooves on the Horizon is for children and youth with a diverse range of physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities and is part of Brush’s Blue Horizons program, which provides a variety of programs for area youth. Located in Fort Morgan, CO Contact Info: 842-4077

Rising Up Morgan County


Rising Up has a mission to create innovative lasting solutions to fight homelessness, hunger, and poverty in Morgan County. Rising Up is developing temporary and permanent solutions and programs that will help individuals and families rise up from homelessness and poverty and keep hunger at bay.

Weld County Dancing With the Stars

We are so excited to help the Weld County Boys and Girls Club with their fundraiser! ◇◇◇◇

Representing-☆Pawl Clubhouse☆Dr. Deirdre Pilch☆Superintendent-Weld School

☆Keegan ☆CKU Head of Private Lessons & Studio Classes☆☆

So excited for this opportunity with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County. Love the energy from everyone in this organization! In their 3rd annual friendly competition, 7 Stars will represent our various Clubhouses across all of Weld County. These Stars will be leveraging their personal and professional networks to raise funds for our youth. Through a 6 week campaign, you will be able to VOTE ($1 = 1 vote) for your Star! The star with the most votes will be heavily favored to win, going into the competition.

Go vote👇


Saruni International Girls Rescue Center

Local Trailblazers
We have students and people that want to make a difference in this world. We are honored to partner and empower them.
Jose – Fort Morgan Student

Marci – University High School Student